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At Schlagerzeiten we garuntee both.

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an e gaming based blog site aiming to grow the largest archive evolve into an online casino.

2006-2018 We offer all the news that is past present.

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Schlagerzeiten is only getting bigger everyday with its ever increasing popularity newer things will eventually be added for your enjoyment. at some point in time will go through an overhaul to also provide casino games a long with eGaming news. Here are some things that are coming.

More than just news

schlagerzeiten will introduce Slot Machine Games such as the classic favourites like Starbust, Book of Ra other Microgaming Netent games.

More than just for fun

We are always looking to exp our team of gambling journalists, we believe its our duty to provide accurate information on our website, if you want to be a content writer for us fill out our contact form below we’ll consider.

Live Wonders

With our coming overhaul we are also introducing a batch of live games specifically: live Poker, live Blackjack, Live Betting Live Craps.

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Layne Flack The Fast Furious Pro

Layne Flack is one of the youngest players in the pro poker circuit. He is known for playing furiously has exhibited this type of game of diligent style. Play with confidence never seems to faze even with the toughest opponents. He was labeled as a party boy dynamo in action at the World Poker Tour. However, his start-up career in Poker was not easy as it is successful it is not nowadays.

Flack has earned no world poker bracelets series that include 2003 $ Hold’em 1500 Shootout $ 2500 Omaha Hi / Lo. Dubbed “back to back flack” when he won at $ 1500 No-Limit $ 2000 No-Limit $ Hold’em in 2002. Flack style gambling fits perfectly to play the game applicable to No-Limit Hold ’em. Flack’s philosophy in No-Limit gambling is to do the opposite of everything you think, which has been published in a card player magazine. Layne Flack was born in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1969…
home $ 185,855.

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Cruising That Plays The Best of Both Worlds

Going on a cruise is one of the best forms of escape. For some people who 013have their experience of cruise ships offering gambling games, they would say that the trip was worth it. Comprising casino games in cruise ships luxury liners is one way of entertaining giving visitors a new experience as he navigates their way up the waters.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a trip or a cruise without anything to do. Looking at the lscape could help, but somehow the boredom the monotony of the experience still linger after a few minutes doing so. There’s really nothing wrong with all these, but having a casino on board a ship is very desirable travelers will definitely have a very enjoyable trip.

Part of the poker history is that it was invented by boatmen while sailing the waters of the Mississippi River was later developed further became one of the most popular card games there is in the history of gambling. There are certain laws that govern the existence of casinos on ships, but this does not apply to all countries does not state. However, there are considerations that are made most governments allow these casinos to legally run on water…

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The Casino We Recommend

With the Internet spreading linke wildfire reaching every part of our daily life, it is hard not to recommend other casino sites that also provide great services.

Here’s what some of their customers had to say.

“The best thing here is that there is generally a huge selection of payment options to choose from. Whether you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card, an e-wallet or a prepaid voucher, you will usually be catered for.”

“Deposits are quick, simple safe what’s more, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a bonus on top when you make your first deposit, giving you even more playing time value for money.”

“Tables will allow unlimited numbers of players, so if you opt for roulette, baccarat, Three Card Poker or Casino Hold’em, you can enjoy the action right away, no waiting involved. Thats Amazing.”

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