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Baccarat – High Rollers’ Game, or Easy as Blackjack?
Toss aside those notions that Baccarat is a complex game just for high rollers! Thanks to online casinos like USA Casino and Casino On Net you can try your luck at this surprisingly simple card game in the comfort of your own home. Just how easy is it? In Baccarat (pronounced “bah-cah-rah”), the only decisions you have to make are which hand to bet on and how much to wager. Bets are placed on the hand you think will total or come closest to 9 – the bank’s or the player’s. Or you can go for the long shot (for an 8:1 payoff) and bet that the hand will be a tie. It’s not as hard as you might think! Another great reason to love Baccarat? It’s got the lowest House Edge of any casino game. So now that you’ve got the basics of Baccarat, give it a shot at Reef Club Casino, one of the net’s most trusted casinos which has been in business Since 2001 . Then you can see why the high rollers really love this game!

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