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Layne Flack The Fast and Furious Pro

Layne Flack is one of the youngest players in the pro poker circuit. He is known for playing furiously and has exhibited this type of game of diligent style. Play with confidence and never seems to faze even with the toughest opponents. He was labeled as a party boy and dynamo in action at the World Poker Tour. However, his start-up career in Poker was not easy and as it is successful it is not nowadays.

Flack has earned no world poker bracelets series that include 2003 $ Hold’em 1500 Shootout and $ 2500 Omaha Hi / Lo. Dubbed “back to back flack” when he won at $ 1500 No-Limit and $ 2000 No-Limit $ Hold’em in 2002. Flack style gambling fits perfectly to play the game applicable to No-Limit Hold ’em. Flack’s philosophy in No-Limit gambling is to do the opposite of everything you think, which has been published in a card player magazine. Layne Flack was born in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1969.

He learned his first poker lessons from his grandparents when he was young enough. He then became a casino dealer and had found his call. He decided to pursue a career in the game. After working his work hours, Flack goes through one casino to another to learn his skills. After some time, he was promoted to the manager at night. However, Flack could not just continue with the work schedule and play in different casinos , so he decided to quit his job to pursue his poker career. After a while, Flack raised a notch and started the pro game.

Johnny Chan became friends with Layne Flack when he was already at the pro poker circuit. Chan helped him develop his skills and improve his game. Chan was also always there for Flack, especially during bad times. There was once a time when Flack lost the big-time and Johnny was telling him to sleep it off and he would stake his game the following day. Flack got the encouragement he needed and could recover his losses on the day of the game. The deal with Chan was 50% of the win and pay-up. Huck’s seed also became Flack mentor. They were contemporaries and the seed is a great pro as well.

Layne Flack has always been a party guy and loves to drink and celebrate. But in 2000 at the beginning of, he started using drugs. He was then rehabilitated in 2004. His friend and pro poker player, Daniel Negreanu put the bill on the shoulders of $ 80,000 for treatment. Layne Flack has recovered and has back game gone to the tables again. His recent win was at the $ 1500 flat-limit $ Hold’em, where he finished second and took home $ 185,855.

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